Faked Moon Landings?

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On the 20th July 1969 man accomplished its highest achievement in space exploration.  Landing a manned craft on the surface of the moon.  The first mission to the moon to take Humans to another spatial body was Apollo 11, which was manned by three astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins.  At roughly 4:14pm Apollo 11 touched down on the surface of the Moon, landing in an area called  “Mere Tranquilitatis - The Sea Of Tranquillity.”  On landing Neil Armstrong contacted mission control with the message “The Eagle has landed.”   After 2 hours on the surface of the moon, Neil Armstrong emerged from the space craft to set foot on the moon for the first time, this was when those famous words were said: -

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong is only 1 out of 12 other astronauts who have shared this unique experience.  At all times there was another astronaut who stayed in the Lunar Module throughout the duration of each mission. 

Before any sort of experiments were carried out Neil Armstrong deployed the American National Flag on the surface and unveiled a plaque on the Lunar Module.

“Here Men From Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon the Moon. July 1969 AD We Came In Peace for All Mankind.”

After various experiments were carried out, the Astronauts had spent a total of 21.6 hours on the surface of the moon and had some gathered 20 kilograms of material, to take back to Earth for study.  It was on July 24 that the three men re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed back on Earth. 

Various other Apollo missions have followed since Apollo 11. 

  • Apollo 12 - 14th November 1969

  • Apollo 13 - 11th April 1970, This ill-fated mission had to be aborted due to a malfunction.

  • Apollo 14 - 31st January1971

  • Apollo 15 - 26th July 1971

  • Apollo 16 - 16th April 1972

  • Apollo 17 - 7th December 1972

Missions had been planned for Apollo 18, 19 & 20, but these had to be cancelled due to the sudden and surprising cut-back in NASA’s budget.

After nearly 25 years of no space exploration involving the moon, The Clementine Orbiter was launched in 1994 to produce detailed maps of the moons surface so preparations can begin to attempt to build a structure on the moon.  In September 1997 the Lunar Prospector was launched to study the polar ice deposits and the moons gravity fields.


Were the moon landings faked?

Since the first moon landing in 1969 sceptics have made themselves to be known.  They don’t believe that the moon landings ever took place and that its all been faked by NASA and the American Government.  Throughout this assignment I will produce opinions of why people think that the moon landings have been faked.  By the end of the assignment I will leave it open for you to draw your own conclusions on the material I have gathered.

Many of the photographs issued by NASA have been analysed by experts for their authenticity in some way or form.  From the conclusion of the analysis process a lot of these images seem to have been doctored by NASA or another external source to show what they (NASA?) want us to see or believe.



This image shows how shadows appear on the Earth’s surface.  Because the sun is 93,000,000 miles away shadow lines are parallel.  Looking at the tree trunks it is hard to make out any detail, this is because the light is coming from behind.  The brighter light makes it hard for the shadowed part to be seen.  Bear these two points in mind and draw your own conclusions when looking at the other images.


Looking at the picture the shadows lines are not parallel as we would expect them to be, after all the moon is not close enough to the Sun to make any difference in the way shadows behave.  The image shows shadows falling in two directions.  The shadow of the rock point’s south east, the shadow of the Lunar Module points east.  Has the light source for this image come from the sun?


In this image the shadows are all over the place.  The astronaut and the moon buggy shadows are falling in the same direction.  Yet the surface rock shadows seem to be falling south-westerly.


This image is one of the original television broadcasts.  Why does one astronauts shadow look to be longer and fall in a different direction to the other astronaut?

These are just a few examples of the inconsistency in the way that shadows fall.  If NASA or another body have altered the images surely they would have made sure that the shadows all fell in the same direction.


Remember the control image showing the trees?  Well you couldn’t see the bark of the trees because the light from behind darkens anything the light does not directly fall on.

In this image you can quite clearly see the front on the astronaut and the moon buggy.  With the shadow that is displayed we shouldn’t be able to see any part of the astronaut at all.


From this image you can see that because of the bright light source, which should be the sun, you cannot make out any detail of the rocks.  But look at the astronaut, why can the supposedly dark side of him be seen?  Also does his shadow fall slightly in a different direction?


This is an image of Buzz Aldrin setting up a Solar Wind experiment.  Because of the light source Aldrin’s back is in darkness, this is a common trait we should see in all of the moon exploration photographs, but we don’t.


This again is a picture of “Buzz” Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong. By looking at the reflection you can see the Lunar Module and Neil Armstrong taking the photo.  What is the white light just to the left of Neil Armstrong?  NASA has stated that this light is the American flag.


This is another image of the television broadcast.  Most of the black & white images released by NASA bear the same poor quality, yet all the colour pictures are perfect in their detail and sharpness.  Throughout the period in question, the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, technology was such that only black & white photographs could be developed to a higher resolution and give a sharper picture.  The technology did not advance to this stage for colour photography until the 1980’s.  Why are all of the colour images better than the black & white images?



Michelle De Nostradame, the famous poet, who wrote many prophecies.  These prophecies are split into four line riddles called Quatrains.  Throughout his latter life Nostradamus wrote many predictions, some of which have come true with astounding accuracy.  His Quatrains were published in a book called The Centuries.  He split his prophecies into centuries, 12 in all, containing more that 100 quatrains in each.

But what has Nostradamus got to do with whether the Lunar Landings were faked?  Well in Century IX of his works, quatrain LXV reads: -

Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre,
Où sera prins & mis en terre étrange.
Les fruicts immúrs seront à grand esclandre,
Grand vitupère, à l'un grande lounange.

He will come to travel to the Corner of the lunar,
Where he will be captured and put into a strange land.
The unripe fruits to be subjects of great scandal,

Great blame, to one great praise.

This quatrain can be interpreted in the following way.  This is only my opinion of the way the quatrain should be read, you should draw your own conclusion.


  • He will come to travel to the corner of the Lunar,
    • He, being the astronauts, will travel to the moon.
  • Where he will be captured and put into strange land,
    • I believe that the strange lands to be Television as it was still a new invention back in the 60’s, the captured referring to the recording of cameras, captured on film?
  • The unripe fruits to be subject of great scandal
    • Scandal referring to the possibility of the fake lunar landings.
  • Great blame, to one great praise
    • To whoever is covering up the faked landings and great praise to the US government getting to the moon first.

Although Nostradamus has predicted many things with alarming accuracy, a lot of his quatrains are just verses of poetry and don’t prove anything at all.  Was century XI, quatrain LXV one of these or can it be proven.  Only NASA hold the answer.


Why did we not go to the moon for nearly 30 years?
There are a number of theory’s why man hasn’t stepped foot on the moon in nearly 30 years.  Some say that there is an Alien base or something left behind by Aliens on the far side of the moon.  As we can only see the far side of the moon from pictures taken by satellites then the question of authenticity can arise on the images available. There are hardly any pictures of the far side of the moon available.  Why is this.  Is a cover-up in operation are there genuinely no pictures available?


The most common answer given out by NASA is that their funding was cut by the American Government.  But why would the government cut the funding?  What else did the US need money for.  Maybe be money was needed to make Nuclear warheads to fight and intimidate Russia during the Cold War.  This would explain why moon exploration has started up again within the last 10 years or so.    As I said in my introduction the Clementine Orbiter was launched in 1994 to make detailed maps of the moons surface.  Full copies of which can be purchased on 15 CD-ROM’s for $150 if you are interested.


Current Space Exploration

At the moment as you probably already know, all three spacial governing bodies (NASA Russia and ESA) are all developing a space station that is orbiting the Earth.  The station is under construction and with regular missions into space be carried out the completion of the station can not be to far away now.  With the people who are for this idea, there are the people who can’t understand why it is being carried out.  They say that it would be more logical for a station to be built on the moon.  I would have to agree with them.  If a structure was built on the moon then more detailed surveys of the moon’s surface could be carried out.  Also rockets could be launched from the moon to save money from launching from Earth as the 48,000 mile per hour would not need to be reached as the moon has no atmosphere.

In 1997 the Lunar Prospector was launched to investigate the moon ice caps.  The vessel cost a staggering $65 million to build and launch.  So far it has found that the ice caps on the moon are trapped beneath the surface at the north and south pole of the moon.  The ideas are that future astronauts could stay on the surface on the moon longer by using the ice by melting it down to drink.  Also if it was split into it separate elements then maybe the astronaut could breathe the oxygen given off by the process.

What ever happens with the future of space exploration things can only get better.  Commercial flights are planned for 2003 and then maybe man will really step foot on the moon.


Some Facts about the Moon

  1. The moon is 238.080 miles from Earth

  2. It takes 27.3 days to orbit the Earth

  3. It is 1/49 if the Earth’s volume,

  4. Its gravitational pull is 1/6 of that of the Earth’s

  5. Its is 1/81 of the Earth’s mass

  6. The moon does not emit its own light source, it is just a reflection from the Sun

  7. Because of the orbits of the Earth and the Moon, we have never seen the “Dark Side” of the moons surface

  8. No sound can be heard on the moon

  9. Twelve Apollo astronauts have set foot on the moon spending a total of 166 hours on the surface.

  10. The moon is slightly smaller than the width of Australia.


Before I started this assignment I believed 100 per cent that the moon landings were real.  Now the assignment is complete I’m not so sure any more, I don’t know what the true answer or what really happened.  But there are too many ‘weird’ things that can be identified on further analysis of the images released by NASA.

But one final question remains.

Why would NASA go to so much trouble to fake the moon landings?

© Peter Priday, No material must be republished without prior consent of the author.
This assignment was part of my Year 1, Semester 1 study at university and was graded with 72% (And how easy was that!

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