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11 May 2002
I finished university on Thursday (9th) for good, so now I will have plenty of time to keep the site updated.  Probably a new look coming as well, watch this space
29th December 2001
There will probably not be a major update for a couple of months, I've got masses of Uni work to get through and not much time for anything else
28th November 2001
Updated Rants.  I felt Sheffield Wednesday need a mention, 5-0 on Saturday and an away win at Villa in the cup, COME ON!
20th November 2001
Added Pokémon and blue Peter to rants
21st September 2001
Added Grandma's to rants
16th September 2001
Updated Beverage Preparation and also added drinks people have at work.
08th August 2001
After being away in Australia for the Summer, I've finally had the chance to update some of my site.  Cosmetic changes have been made, new content will be added within the next couple of weeks
28th April 2001
Its been a while since I have updated my site, I am still alive things have been to busy me to make any additions
7th April 2001
They are here, after a anticipated wait, the door handles have been posted
29th March 2001
After Bill Gates messed up my website and a day off the air, I have managed to rebuild the site and here it is!
28th March 2001
Updated the navigation within Crazy Section pages
26th March 2001
NEW, CD for sale, Classic Television Themes.

Pictures of Road-Sign Added
15th March 2001
Happy Birthday Website. reaches its first birthday
3rd March 2001
Uploaded some photographs of people from Resources.  More to come soon, also some of my work piccies may follow
20th February 2001
I've posted one of my assignments that I prepared for university, read it here: Were the Moon Landing Faked?
14th February 2001
Illnesses, what the hell are they?  Here's some the experts have still to discover
2 February 2001
 See where I spend most of my time, my room now in crazy section
1st February 2001  
New section added, H E L P. go here for assistance with PC tasks.
1st January 2001
Removed Christmas look, "Boo Hoo!"  New for 2001, Countdowns in Crazy Section
2nd December 2000
Added a Christmas countdown
30th Nov 2000
Large areas of the site are now fixed, not sure what happened
2nd Nov 2000
Added Artwork into Crazy Section for you to revel in
20th Sept 2000
FrontPage updated to bring a new look to the site
16th Sept 2000
Domain name acquired